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Cold Weather Tips for Pets

Cold Weather Care for Pets in Medford Is a Year-Round Concern

Everyone is aware that pets need special cold weather care when there's snow on the ground. But our veterinarian at Medford Animal Hospital wants you to know that cold weather care for small animals is even a concern in summer months in Medford. We won't have freezing weather in July and August, but even at the height of summer, we can have chilly nights that can stress the health of already-distressed pets.

Signs to Know When Your Pet is Cold

Hypothermia isn't a condition you diagnose by looking at the calendar. At our animal hospital, our veterinarians diagnose hypothermia with a thermometer. Here are some of the signs your pet might send when suffering from cold:

  • Piloerection. When your pet's hair stands on end, there's either a frightening event (in which case your pet would also bark, meow, and probably hide) or it's just too cold for comfort.
  • Curling up. When your pet curls into a ball for no other apparent reason at all, the problem is probably hypothermia.
  • Burrowing under blankets. Even if Fluffy or Fido normally sleeps on your bed, those times they try to burrow into your bed tell you that they are cold.

Why would pets suffer from hypothermia in warm-weather months?

Pets can be unusually sensitive to cold when they are recovering from surgery. There are bacterial infections that make pets unusually prone to hypothermia. Older pets can also be cold-sensitive even in warm weather.

First-aid measures for pets with hypothermia include blow dryers and electric blankets. But if your pet continues shivering no matter what, it's time for a trip to the vet.

At Medford Animal Hospital We Want to be Your Veterinary Care

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