Boarding / Grooming


Trusted care of your pets while you are away is always an important consideration. We provide boarding facilities for both dogs and cats. We can guarantee that your pet is cared for, gets regular attention and your dog is walked outside at least twice a day. We can provide blankets and food, but if you prefer, you can bring your pet’s own bed, toys and/or food. Any beds, blankets or clothing left with your pet need to be washer/dryer safe. There is no extra charge for medication dispensing while your pet stays with us. Dogs need to have a current DHPP, rabies and bordetella vaccine. Cats need to be up to date on the FVRCP and rabies vaccines. Please consult with us regarding any medical needs during your pet’s stay with us including vaccinations, dental procedures, baths and nail trims.


Many animals need regular grooming to maintain a nice, healthy coat. Unfortunately some animals don’t do well at a professional groomer’s studio. For those animals, we can provide sedation while we shave your pet. Please understand that we are not professional groomers.

Nail Trim

Short nails aid in the daily comfort of your pet as well as protect your furniture and skin. We can trim your pet's nails safely

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