Physical Examinations

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Puppies and Kittens

At the first visit, the doctor will perform a comprehensive physical exam to evaluate your young pet’s overall health. This is a good time to bring up any health, food or housing questions you may have. The doctor will also bring up any concerns that he or she may have and will go over the vaccination protocol for your pet. We do provide discounted puppy and kitten packages that include all the vaccines recommended for the first year of your puppy’s or kitten’s life. Every puppy and kitten is a unique individual and we want to insure that you and your young pet have the best health care possible.

Adult Pets

Keeping your pet on a preventative care plan, including annual wellness exams, will give us the extra information needed to more quickly recognize changes in it's health. Problems can be detected and treated early or sometimes avoided. Keeping your pet up to date on all vaccines will also help insure continued health. Any needed vaccine will be given at your pet’s annual wellness exam.

Senior Pets

As your pet ages you may see changes in his or her health and behavior. Movement may become more difficult; diet and temperament may change. Continued regular physical exams will help us address these changes and assist you in making the later years enjoyable and comfortable for your whole family.