Pet Eye Infections

Pet eye infections require assistance from a veterinarian to ensure that they don’t continue to cause a pet any pain or discomfort. If your pet is suffering from an eye infection, or you suspect they have one but you’re not certain, contact Medford Animal Hospital in Medford to make an appointment for an assessment. Read on to learn the signs of an eye infection, what happens if it is not treated, and what our veterinarian will do to help your pet if they are indeed suffering from one.


The Signs Of An Eye Infection

There are a few signals that indicate you should bring your dog or cat to our vet for an evaluation due to an eye infection. A pet with an eye infection will usually squint, blink often, or keep the affected eye closed. The eye may appear discolored or cloudy. Some pets will try to scratch at an infected eye to stop the pain it is causing them. This scratching could cause further injuries to the animal.

What Happens If An Infection Is Not Treated

If you do not bring your pet to get medical assistance for an eye infection, they will likely suffer from discomfort or pain until it heals on its own. Unfortunately, there is a risk that the infection will not heal without treatment, and instead can worsen. The infection can spread from one eye to the other. It could also cause your pet to have worsened vision, or they may lose their vision completely. Your cat or dog may also have more difficulty getting around than they had before. Because an eye infection causes equilibrium problems in pets, not treating it could lead to further injuries to their body.

What Our Veterinarian Will Do To Help

When you bring your dog or cat into our vet for an evaluation, they will first receive a full check-up of their medical health. This examination will rule out other issues that could cause their eyes to have symptoms of distress. If the eye is indeed infected, our veterinarian will likely remedy the situation by prescribing medication to heal it promptly and safely. This treatment is usually in the form of medicated eye drops that you will need to administer according to our vet's instructions. Your pet will need a subsequent appointment to check on the healing of their eye.

Veterinary Care in Medford

If pet eye infections are a concern to you, call Medford Animal Hospital at 541-772-2222 to set up an appointment for your dog or cat with our veterinarian. When it comes to your pet’s vision, don’t take any chances, call us today.