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We know how heartbreaking it can be to lose your pet. Help keep your dog or cat safe by implanting a PETLINK microchip. A PETLINK microchip is about the size of a grain of rice. The doctor will inject the microchip between the shoulder blades just under the skin of your pet. If your pet becomes lost and is taken to an animal shelter or vet's office, the microchip can be scanned and your pet can be identified and reunited with you.


Veterinary Partner -

If you have questions about your pets health or care this site will provide helpful information for pet owners.

Southern Oregon Humane Society -

Your local Humane Society cares for lost and abandoned pets. If you are interested in adopting a pet or would like to help support this worthy cause check out this site.

Jackson County Animal Control -

Use this site as a resource for county regulations regarding pets. Information is available on pet adoption, licensing your pet or animal regulation in Jackson County. You'll also find lost and found information on this site.