Medford Animal Hospital Veterinary Services for All Stages of Your Pet’s Life

Your veterinarian is an important partner in keeping your pet health throughout life. From early puppy and kittenhood to the senior years, your veterinarian can provide the latest information on care and pet health. At Medford Animal Hospital in Medford, OR, we provide a wide range of veterinary services to ensure your pet has a healthy, happy life.

Veterinarian Holding Dog and Cat in each hand

Wellness Examinations

Getting a physical exam on a regular basis is as important to your pet’s health as it is for your own. These routine assessments by your Medford veterinarian can detect small problems that can be managed to keep your pet healthy. The vet will determine if the animal is overweight, has a healthy skin and coat and is in good condition for its age and breed, and can find health problems in the early stages, when they can be more easily treated.

Preventive Care

Preventive care is essential to your pet’s continued good health. Vaccination helps to prevent a variety of common diseases that can threaten the animal’s health and cost significant amounts in veterinary expenses. Flea and tick control protects your pet against annoying pests that carry disease. Heartworm medication prevents infestation by a dangerous parasite. And medications to eliminate internal parasites keep hookworms and roundworms from undermining your pet’s health.

Pet Surgery

Your veterinarian in Medford can also provide spay and neuter surgery,  and other types of procedures. These measures can help your pet to live a longer, more active life.

Laser Therapy

At Medford Animal Hospital, we also offer laser therapy, a therapeutic technology that utilizes low-level beams of light to increase circulation, reduce pain and speed healing. The method can be used for a variety of veterinary conditions, such as muscle strain and orthopedic problems.

Senior Care

As pets age, they require special care to monitor their conditions and manage health problems that may occur. Medford Animal Hospital offers diagnostic services and treatment of diseases that often affect older animals.

Boarding and Grooming

Caring for your pet also involves providing good care when you are away and grooming that helps to keep skin and coat healthy. At Medford Animal Hospital, we provide these services as part of our full service veterinary care for our patients.

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